Who is AK?

The Unbranded Journey

I can put myself into a box and say that I am an athlete, educator, coach, entrepreneur or a host of many other nice-sounding titles, but when it all comes down to it, each of those experiences collectively has helped shaped the individual I am today.

As a former All-American athlete at the University of Oregon and professional athlete representing my parents home country of Nigeria on an international stage, athletics taught me to never settle for second place. It also instilled success comes from years of putting in consistent hard work and the real you is the “you” which shows up on game day.

As an Educator at top international schools such as Phillips Exeter Academy and the St Paul’s School, it showed me every seat at the table has value and an interesting perspective and that every moment of our existence can be a unique learning opportunity.

As an entrepreneur (or creator), working in the areas of sports diplomacy, fashion and apparel, international affairs, and youth empowerment, I wake up every day reminded to push the limits and trust what is imagined can be achieved.

As a wanderlust and traveling to over 30 countries, the experiences showed me there are no absolutes and even though we may be different, there are more commonalities the connect us than break us apart.

And lastly, and most importantly are the moments in-the-in-between, these bullet point moments, which remind me not take everything too seriously, to get out of my own head, and enjoy this one life we are provided. Realizing that it’s not about stepping outside the box, but instead realizing the box never existed in the first place.

I am proud to say I can’t fit into a box. I am not just an athlete, an entrepreneur, an educator, a thrill seeker, a father or whatever title is deemed on me. I choose UnBranded!


Often the greatest story never told is our own

Why the unbranded approach.

Because every experience is a new and important piece to my story
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